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Our New Home: A "Green Home" in the Forest

Geothermal System

The geothermal system keeps the house very comfortable and every morning I take a nice hot shower powered by the reclaimed heat from the heating/cooling system.

We have a real-time data system setup to monitor the Heating/Cooling system which allows us to tune the system for maximun comfort at minimal engery cost. This not only makes us green but keeps our bills low.

The live use diagram below not only shows how the system is running right now but is clickable to see historical data but also system reports for (the last 24 hours, 7 Days, 30 yays and Year to Date).

The heating/Cooling (HVAC) system internal data are only correct when the Well Pump is On although the usage totals, Hot water tank (DHW) and outside temps are correct all the time. The Burner status and totals show the Propane usage to supplement the domestic hot water as needed. Both the HVAC and DHW have daily and monthly usage totals. We are creating a historical set of readings each minute in our SQL database and are using that data to optimize the house to yield the best comfort level at the lowest energy cost.

Geothermal System Status


System Performance Reports:




Year to Date

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